The game see no evil

See No Evil, verse 1: Game, i don't read the game XXL, Told.45 the church, think, evil I'm destined evil for hell, oh, well, Blood tears off the face of my Jesus piece, It's bloodshed, feel evil the cracks in my city streets.
I'm only just a evil maaaan.
Writer(s samuels matthew jehu, duckworth kendrick, burnett matthew raymond, benton stanley bernard, taylor jayceon terrell, babbs durrell, jean samuel).Verse 3: Game You want to go to Compton?Tote.45 the church, think evil I'm destined for hell, oh well.Chorus: Tank, i said, she see no evil, game She don't hear nothin' at all.Say we on our way now, I'ma see you again.I know that hell can.Bridge: Tank I was born a soldier Ride or die for mine Tied two tears and a lawyer Tried to give me love Heaven can you hear me?But still I be feeling like none of my light never casts.No peace so don't get caught up with no piece.Tattooed tears, and a lawyer Tryin' to give me life.Smell the scent of dead bodies ridin' down Green Leaf.Out of that black cloud that's been watered down since my first chopper blast.Blood tears off the face of my Jesus Piece.I need you to keep quiet as a mouse.I'm sayin stop playin wrap him up in what he lay in, Fold a nigga arms, now a casket's what he pray in, Compton streets raised me, Can't tell my grandma nothin' bout her baby, you crazy. Kendrick Lamar Tank verse 1: Game, i don't read the XXL.
Trace your steps when I do step in a fire of broken bones.
Oooooooohhh Verse 3: Game You want to go to Compton?
Fuck Fatburger, we cooking that real beef.
It's bloodshed, feel the cracks in my city streets.
Shirt off when precesure, resuscitation came early.I'm from the crack of them code city streets, Used to sell crack in them city streets, born in Blood, nigga, In a coma five days, life of a thug, nigga, Momma ain't show, grandma almost pulled pronto the plugged, nigga.I'm only just a man, oh Verse 3: The Game You want to go to Compton?Los Angeles, I'm the motherfucking king here No first 48 cause code motherfuckers don't sing here Hook: Tank Such you see no evil She don't hear nothin at arcsoft all You want to see tomorrow, you promise not to talk Say we on our way como now, I'm.I need you to keep code quiet as a mouse, Which is ironic cause rats is what I'm talkin' code about; password I'm hearin' the sonics of gunfire, The whispers, the silent cries, even though I know, it's an eye for an eye.