Step ya game up

step ya game up

All One shot samples are ready to make game hitz.
Woks with MPCs, Fruity Loops, Triton, Battery, EXS and more.
Is that your friend (step yo game step up!).
You a kid (step yo game up!).Ferry Corsten step - Down On Love (4:54).You say you wanna make it ho, well quit bullshittin' and get naked.You drink gin (step yo game up!).I know you ain't seen pimpin' in a long time man game I've been mia.Ferry Corsten - Galaxia (7:19).Drop that ass down low then pick that motherfucker.But you can't fake once you hit the gate, shake till it ache, work that birthday cake.Ferry Corsten - Are You Ready step (6:41).Ferry Corsten - Junk (2:38).Bitch wanna act like she ain't never step been with fast lane pimpin' on em, nails with the french tip potato chip yup with a french dip game say she wanna french kiss all on my diz-nick. Ferry Corsten - Freefaling (5:25).
What you lookin' at (step yo step game up!).
You can also use the wav or ebook Aiff versions of the samples door wit hany other compatible sampler and winoncd create your own bangin kits.
Now you always got to be hot and vicious, so move them biscuits and hit them tricks bitch.
But I've been milking and boxing these hack bitches.
What you waitin' for (step yo game up!).
Yeah man what's going on man it's really really pimpin' up in here man.
Now you got about a word minute to fix this cuz I'm trying to find a bitch that's bootylicious.Go on come on in the door (step yo game up!).Anything else that can read Wav.You can load up any of the 30 pre mapped kits in Battery, Soundfont windows player or EXS24 and start makin beats now.All 500 one shots were sampled and recorded digitally.Ferry Corsten - I Love You (Bonus Track) (5:39).Ferry windows Corsten - Possession (5:48).Now turn around bitch, put that ass on a nigga, grind on his dick make it get a little bigger.