Rome total war 2 special units

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They total are hard to hit in general, and units arrows and normal melee wont do them much harm special due to their tough skin.You can also use them to help against a Suebi scare build but Evocati Cohort rome with 65 morale and a Caesar's total general Loyalty of the units 10th ability should be more than enough in most cases.Youll feel a little ache in your heart as you watch them beasts fall to the ground so quickly.This is specifically true when you are combating cavalries short swords wont put down men on horses easily, but pointy spears will certainly do the trick.Siege Units are in the unfinished second sheet.Special Forces Units Bonus Content.Fixed Artilleries are different.These guys are crap there is pretty much never a reason to bring them.Moreover, the Elephant units have fantastic total defense against standard attacks, and not even a swarm of soldiers in Testudo form can prevent being stomped and trampled by them.Also, you might want to keep at least one infantry unit for every artillery ship for protection purposes.Thanks, I rome was looking for the armour value. Yes, were here to talk about Romes formal categorization of battle units, or at least their representations in Total War Rome.
There is not a lot of reason to use these if step your mainline is mostly Evocati Cohort since their 65 morale means that if they start routing you have most likely already lost the battle.
The General can raise the morale of your entire army with Encourage, which is a great boost to some of the unit types in the game, and in general very good to prevent scared Roman soldiers running away.
Simple, you just put in a unit of pike-carrying badasses, and have the men from behind them throw spears.
If they are near some of your best troops they could cause battle turning damage to them, and to save yourself the trouble you can order the elephant drivers to drive a chisel into the animal's brain, killing the animal and the riders, but special also.
Well, you would definitely want that in a defensive setup, and in my opinion its much better to have Fixed Artillery deployed and then forgotten about instead of constantly having to worry total about where should I put it code next?
It must avoid enemy projectile units and cavalry, however, in clashes with other formations special it will game almost always win.Using total flaming shot does reduce accuracy however.They are mostly used to break down enemy formations.But it is per unit not per soldier, so it is weighted to be overly generous to smaller sized units.Sacrifice unit (Elephants only) File:File: Edit edit When elephants are scared by either total speartips or fire they can run amok, attacking friend and foe alike in an uncontrollable panic.However the men will be caught in a bloodlust and will be completely uncontrollable, and will attack the nearest enemy to them, charging all the way.A weak, untrained and under-developed melee infantry will almost guarantee a defeat.I plan on cross referencing this with some of the other files to get things like Damage and ranged stats.Now, prepare your eyes to witness the stupendously large amount of melee cavalry units available to Rome: Auxiliary Arabian Cavalry Auxiliary Bactrian Light Horse Auxiliary Briton Scout Riders Auxiliary Camel Spearmen Auxiliary Spear Horsemen Auxiliary Cantabrian Cavalry Auxiliary Cappadocian Cavalry Auxiliary Cavalry Auxiliary Celtic Light.Now, investment in these ships can be expensive if done on a regular basis.

As a general rule never bring these guys, for 40 more cost you can get legionaries which are a much more stable unit.
They can potentially do damage but they are so easy to rome total war 2 special units kill that it's not worth it particularly for Rome that has so many other great options.