Onenote 2010 templates making

In the Templates pane, click templates Academic.
Figure 4 Page tabs, page title.
You can apply a template only to a new templates page.
In the search box, key: story.Repeat Step 2 to tag the other three definitions.In the note frame that appears, key: Find a local news story.OneNote tags can be searched onenote and making sorted.A table with a specific onenote number of rows and columns can be inserted on a page.Adjust the sizes of all four images as desired.Notice that story is highlighted making on the Opinion Article page.School notebook, oneNote Tutorial, exercise 1 3, exercise.OneNote Tutorial exercise 16 29 Exercise 17 Search a Notebook OneNote offers search capabilities that let you making quickly find specific content within a selected search scope, such as a notebook.You can give the new section a meaningful name and add more sections.Adjust the positions of all four images as desired.In the Page Tabs, right-click on Untitled page.In your School notebook, click the Newspaper tab.Pages can have subpages, which will be discussed in a later exercise. In your School notebook, on the Classes tab, on the Day 1 subpage, under Homework click to the right of layar the first bullet.
Select the butterfly image file.
If you have a computer making tablet and pen, attach the tablet to your computer other for this exercise.
Figure 13 Link button Inserted link The ability to easily create links in OneNote to other notebooks, sections, mind and pages (called wiki linking) is new in OneNote 2010.
The Web site opens in your default Web browser.On the Home tab, in the Basic Text group, click the Numbering dropdown arrow.OneNote Tutorial, exercise.Figure 14 Review tab Spelling button To enable the Math AutoCorrect function in OneNote, go to File Options Proofing, click AutoCorrect Options, click the Math AutoCorrect tab, and check Replace text as you type.If a Microsoft OneNote message box about syncing the notebook appears, click.Figure 16 Inserted, resized, and repositioned pictures templates An extensive list roxio of popular and lesser-used graphics formats can be added to OneNote, including jpeg, PNG, GIF, BMP, layar pict, tiff, and even CorelDraw files.Click the Spelling button.Key: Field trips and press Enter.To rename the tab, double-click New Section 1, key: Classes, and press Enter.On the Insert tab, click the Screen Clipping button.