Eclipse data tools platform

Download the source and binaries and save somewhere that makes sense for your.
Select the appropriate folder for your database jdbc driver version, I selected MySQL.1, Click Add.
Web Service Explorer The Web Services Explorer is tools a JSP Web application hosted on the Apache Tomcat servlet engine contained within Eclipse.First, declare a new eclipse runtime in the preferences dialog.A collection of high-fidelity editing services for Web and J2EE-related languages.Some of these operations might be eclipse carried out by GUI actions, others directly through commands.Flexible Layout eliminates project data eclipse migration and enables WTP to coexist with existing directory structures.This project creation wizard help you set up a project in which you can explore eclipse XML files, schemas, DTDs, platform and their interaction.A developer is interested in an environment that is easy to configure, one in which the challenges of application development are due to the problem platform domain, not the complexity of the tools employed.EJBs can be created for standalone deployment to the server, or the EJB project can be one of many projects of a J2EE application and deployed as part of the application Enterprise Application (EAR).Once a connection is successfully made, the next task often is to explore the data source, making changes as required. These options allow you to porter import and export delimitied data from database files.
Validation of the XML can also be done on demand, similar to generating build errors in a language such as Java.
You can use the graphical view and property editor together to edit the schema.
Wsdl editor The Project Explorer offers options to test wsdl files with media the Web Service Explorer, validate the wsdl file against its schema, publish the wsdl, generate a client, generate a skeleton JavaBean, generate a client, or generate wsil.
For more information on this approach, see Gorkem Ercan's article, Generic Server - Server Definition media File Explained.
The focus of the WTP.0 release will be on the further development of platform APIs to enable the first wave of products based on WTP.
Working with Web services in WTP is done from within a dynamic Web project type, and the Project Explorer will display the set of Web service clients, local and remote Web services, and defined release or generated wsdls being developed.Schema storage Schemas needed frequently or for offline use can be stored in the XML Catalog, which is also available in the preference pages.Project types/flexible projects The Project Explorer categorizes the types of projects you can create.Create and Execute SQL Files, you can create porter and modify tables, triggers, stored procedures directly via DTP.Web Applications, wTP supports JSP-based Web application development including the use of static html pages, JavaScript, CSS, JSP EL, data and servlets.Finally, the Documentation tab shows the schema documentation element content, if present.