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Requires either: Visual visual FoxPro.0, or, visual FoxPro.0 SP1.Exe: Visual FoxPro Tools 04/13/10,22:22:21 Setup.Exe: AddGlobalCustomProperty 04/13/10,22:21:32 vs70uimgr: foxpro cuimgr:GetAdminMode m_AdminMode AM_nomode 04/13/10,22:21:32 vs70uimgr: Entering LoagPages method. Exe: IsRunningUnattended 04/13/10,22:21:32 vs70uimgr: Entering ThreadUI method.Exe: ISetupManager:RunIntro complete 04/13/10,22:22:18 Setup.Exe: installer Visual FoxPro Tools 04/13/10,22:22:20 Setup.Exe: Visual FoxPro.0 Professional 04/13/10,22:22:18 Setup.View
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